Alaskan Dentistry Sites

dentalIn 2007/2008 we began expanding into a new market in Alaska. After being asked to design a new site for an Anchorage densistry we felt that this was a profession that is being underserved, especialy in Alaska.

A dentisty is a provider of professional services and the importance of a professional image and presentation is paramount. Yet many Alaskan dental websites suffer from very outdated technology and design.

Dentists are busy people, not only as professionals, but as business people. We have put together a package approach for busy dentists wanting to raise the bar for their online presentations. One of the major speed bumps for dentists wanting to upgrade thier sites is that they have such busy schedules. I found that when a client provided their own page copy the project often go bogged down for a month or more as the client just didn't have the time or staff to prepare top quality page copy.

Our dental packages include page copywriting including the syndicated use of copy describing standard dental procedures, conditions and terminology. We also offer photographic services for professional quality photos of your facility, staff and operations.

Here are case studies of recent Dental sites from the Anchorage area. Click on a thumbnail for more information and screenshots.