Logo Design

The tourism market in Alaska is extremely competitive. Two critical factors are the shortness of the tourism season and the large number of players in the market. The majority of Alaskan lodgings, guide services, transportation and other services are family run operations with limited marketing budgets.

Because the market is so fractured among so many competitors it is critical that your website stand out in the crowd. Time and time again, when people are asked why they decided to go with a particular provider, they mention the quality of the company's website.

Six or seven years ago it was enough just to have a presence online. Now it's assumed that you have a site and the focus is on the quality of the site's design, navigation, messaging, conversion to sales, and of course the amount of traffic that is being directed to your site.

It's easy to feel that your site is good enough and you can't afford to develop it further. But if your business is not already the leader in your field, then you have to ask yourself - "can I afford to let my website languish while the competion moves forward?"

Take a look at the case studies to see how I have created sites that stand out in the crowd.


Here are a few case studies of recent Logos created for various Alaskan businesses. Click on a thumbnail for more information and screenshots.