Web Design and Site Re-designs

Whether you are building a site from scratch or doing a makeover on an existing site, I can provide a soup to nuts solution. Too often people focus only on the graphic design or look of a site but there are many factors to consider first:

  • Identify your web site’s goals
  • Research your target audience
  • Analyze your competition and web community
  • Perform keyword analysis
  • Write search engine-friendly content
  • Create the critical elements of your home page
  • Design a site structure that allows easy navigation


Graphic Design

In addition to great content, you'll also want a top quality design that creates the image you want to communicate to your visitors. The color scheme, graphic elements and type styles used in your web site will convey a specific tone and image to the visitor. Whether you want to present yourself as powerful and professional, serene and spiritual or funky and hip, we will create a custom look for your site. We can work with any existing graphics you already use in your marketing materials, or we can begin from scratch.

The first 5 seconds...

Research shows that when someone arrives at your site you have only a matter of seconds to persuade them to stick around rather than click away to another site. In those few seconds you must convey the following:

  • What goods or services you provide
  • Where you provide those goods or services
  • Why the should buy those goods or services from you

That might seem like a lot to communicate in a few seconds but you don't need lots of detail, just the basics. You need to get them interested enough to stick around to learn the details first.

Navigational Flow

You can't just create some linked pages and hope for the best. You need to design how you want your visitors to travel through your site. For example here are some factors that we would need to consider on a home page:

  • How are visitors reaching the page?
  • What is the first and second thing you want a visitor to notice?
  • What do you want them to do after viewing the home page?
  • What is the ultimate goal of a visit to your site?